About Us

"Attending to the needy and disadvantaged starting with a hot meal."

How We began

Neruka’s Soul Food was launched in October, 2009 as Neruka’s Soul Food Soup Kitchen with great expectations and very little money.


The idea to start the project with a goal to attend to the need of people struggling in many areas of their lives, began with a soup kitchen that offers a wholesome meal to anyone who was willing to accept it. 


My desire and drive to start this community work came to me in a vision from the Lord. The words “cook food and give to people” was impressed upon my heart. I could not get away from this overwhelming need to just go down to the church, open the doors and welcome everyone in. I realised that it was more than just food that people needed and the plan to provide more services was very urgent.


Since we’ve opened our doors to the community we have seen people visit for various reasons ranging from homelessness, unemployment, lack of education, little life skills all the way through to families in need.  We continue to offer support to anyone in need. 

At Neruka’s Soul Food we are doing our best to continue providing much needed food to those who need it during the Covid-19 crisis.